What Mark’s clients say they’ve learned about themselves:

In this room: CBT soothing words:

“I have everything I need to live happily.”

“Nomatter what I perceive, I alway have a baseline of strength.”

“I can claim joy at any moment’s thinking. ”

“I don’t care if other people think I’m awesome, but if they do, awesome for them.”

“Just because I have negative thoughts, doesn’t mean I’m a negative person.”

“I’m a fat winner!”

“Having expectations may lead to hopelessness.”

“I like me, so I’m worthy.”

“There is no judge of ideals … certainly not me.”
Poster of CBT soothing words from actual clients

This is a “Truth Loop” (virtuous cycle) created and drawn by a client.

Truth Loop (Viscious Cycle) client example

Below are examples of Mark’s responses to actual questions.

These responses were posted on a therapy website called “CounselChat.”
(The opportunity to “write your question” is to the website, not to Mark.)

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