On Therapy

"I believe psychotherapy is most effective when the client is involved in collaboration with the therapist, so I try to adapt my style to your needs, values, and interests. It is essential that you are engaged in your treatment, and I welcome you to ask questions and offer feedback as we are working together." Mark

Therapeutic Interest Inventory

acceptance - addictions - anger - annoyances - anxiety - avoidance - boundaries - business - childhood - children - chronic pain - coaching - cognitive therapy - confidence - compulsive behaviors - congruence - coping - couples - dating - depression - divorce - dreams - drinking - drugs - encouragement - esteem - faith - family therapy - feelings - frustration - grief - guilt - goal setting - health - higher power - homosexuality - lgbt - listening - loneliness - marriage - mediation - meditation - mindfulness - money - mythic meanings - obsessive thinking - pain - panic attacks - peace - performance anxiety - prayer - public speaking - ptsd - relaxation - shame - sleep disturbance - social phobia - spirituality - strengths - support - thinking too much - trauma - trying too hard - un(der)employment - values - work - worry

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Please complete all possible forms, and bring them with you to your first session:

Overview and Consent Authorization for Treatment (Please print and sign.)

Personal Information Form (PIF) (Please complete as much as possible.)

Depression Screen (Please add your name and the date, and complete the PHQ-9.)

Anxiety Screen (Please add your name and the date, and complete the GAD-7.)

EMDR Self-Assessment / Acknowledgement and Consent (Complete if you are open to EMDR Therapy.*)

DES Screen (Complete if you are open to EMDR Therapy.*)

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Release for Mark to talk with Your Psychiatrist, Family Member, or Referring Provider (Optional but recommended)

Notice of Information Practices and Privacy Statement (Please print and review.)

More about the
Audit C Alcohol Screen with Overview (Optional)

Mark's Structured Therapeutic Methodology (Optional)


"What is EMDR Therapy and Other Questions" by Mark Morris, LCSW. (Optional)